Ing. Manuel Haces Valdez:

Mechanical Engineer from May 1977, studying in the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, Tam., Where he graduated with distinction. In October of 79 completed his specialty: MASTER OF SCIENCE in Welding Technologies in the Cranfield School of England Institute Of Technology.

He has also completed continuing education courses in which they include among others:


  - Industrial Radiography Technician Level II,  in Boston Mass. U.S.A.
  - Ultrasound Technician Level I, Level II, in Monterrey, N.L.
  - Advanced Ultrasound Course, in Monterrey N.L.
  - Valves and Instrumentation Course, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Pedagogy Course, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Advanced Course Psychotechnics and Pedagogy, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Unit Cost Analysis, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Adjustment Unit Prices, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Fiscal Reforms, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Radiation Protection in Industrial Radiography, in Salazar, Estado de México.
  - Quality in Service Industry, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, in Distrito Federal.
  - Inspection and Maintenance of Equipment for Industrial Radiography, in Boston, Mass.
  - Stainless Steel, in Tampico, Tam., Asociación del Acero Inoxidable.

In the area of teaching has taught various subjects and conferences which include:

  - Postgraduate Courses in Welding Technology at the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, Tam.
  - Quality Control and Selected Topics, at the Universidad Valle del   Bravo in Tampico, Tam.
  - Metallurgy, Welding Technology, Materials Technology, Welding Quality Control, Theory and Practice of Quality Control, at the Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos, industriales y de Servicios No. 78 in Tampico, Tam. 

He is registrant of the course in Introduction to Welding Inspection with the Directorate General of Copyright of the Secretariat of Public Education.

He has also taught the following courses since 1982:

  - Introduction to Radiographic Inspection, in September 1981, for Lan-Dermott, S.A., in Tampico, Tam.
  - Welding inspection in June of 1982 for Inspection and security PEMEX - Camargo, Chih.
  - Ultrasound Inspection, in October 1982, for PEMEX Engineering- Camargo, Chih.
  - Failure Analysis of Piping, in November 1982 for Safety and Inspection PEMEX - Tampico, Tam.
  - Industrial Radiography, in February 1983, for Project and Construction PEMEX, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Metallurgy of Welding, in March 1983, for Maintenance PEMEX - Cd. Madero, Tam.
  - Ultrasound in May 1983 for Maintenance PEMEX - Cactus, Chih.
  - Ultrasound and Failure Analysis in May 1983 for Project and Construction PEMEX, Villahermosa, Tab.
  - Pipe Manufacturing in September 1983 for Safety and Inspection PEMEX - Tampico, Tam.
  - Pipe Specifications, in December 1983,for Maintenance PEMEX - en Cd. Madero, Tam.
  - Welding inspection, in December 1983,  for Química Flour, S.A. - Matamoros, Tam.
  - Welding inspection, in March 1984,  for Maritime Terminal PEMEX- Cd. Madero, Tam.
   - Welding inspection, in April 1984, for Maritime Terminal PEMEX- Cd. Madero, Tam.
  - Weldability of steels, in April 1984, for Mantenimiento PEMEX- en Cd. Madero, Tam.
  - Welding inspection, in May 1984, for SCT- Tampico, Tam.
  - Welding inspection,in August 1984,  for ISISA- Monterrey, N.L.
  - Corrosion in Pipes, in August 1984 for Safety and Inspection PEMEX- Camargo, Chih.
  - Welding Practice in April 1985 for Cementos Anáhuac, S. A., Tampico, Tam.
  - Industrial Radiography, in February 1986, for Project and Construction PEMEX- Atzcapotzalco, D.F.
  - Welding inspection, in September 1988,  for Haces Ingeniería, S.A., Tampico, Tam.
  -Industrial Radiography, in October 1988,  for Haces Ingeniería, S.A., Tampico, Tam.
  - Introduction to Welding Inspection in March 1991 for Construcciones Industriales del Golfo, S.A. Tampico, Tam.
  - Radiation Safety in mobile units in November 1991 for Haces Ingeniería, S.A., Tampico, Tam.
  - Ultrasound Level I in December 1991 for the Mexican Petroleum Institute, in Tampico, Tam.
  - Introduction to Offshore Inspection in March 1992 for Marine Engineering and Fabrications, in Congregación Anáhuac, Ver.
  - Introduction to Welding Inspection in September 1992 to Industria Metálica Integrada, S.A., in Santiago Tianguistenco, Edo. Mex.
  -  Introduction to Welding Inspection in October 1992 for Obras y Proyectos, S.A., in Chilpancingo, Guerrero.
  -  Radiation Safety in mobile units, in July 1993 for Haces Ingeniería, S.A., in Tampico, Tam.

On the professional has developed the following activities:

In 1977 and 1978 he held the post of Chief of Motor Carrier workshop and storage Mante, under the Directorate General. The main activity consisted in the organization and scheduled maintenance of 150 passenger buses.

In 1980 he served as Head of Electromechanical Works Mexican Fertilizer, depending of the General Residence Southeast Construction. He oversaw construction of a urea plant, including warehouses, docks and pipeline interconnections with other plants.

Among other activities, he reviewed Contractors Companies in Industrial Radiography, to operate their equipment safely to avoid unnecessary exposure of personnel work.

In 1980 and 1981, working for Lan-Dermott, SA, Tampico, Tam., served as Superintendent of Welding reporting to the Plant Manager, where the main activity was the development and supervision of welding methods, and techniques of Quality Control in the manufacture of Drilling Rigs for the Sonda de Campeche.

He also initiated the process to possess and use radioactive material for industrial radiography, developed a memory of the most important aspects in Industrial Security.

In the year 1982, working for Engineering and Inspection Services, S. A.; served as Chief of Engineering, it depends on the Manager. Developed techniques for Supervision and Quality Control for the metallic structure of the center span of the bridge Tampico. to effect of reinforcing the area of radiation safety, worked as Radiation Safety Officer, following up information and procedures required by the National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Safeguards.

Since 1983, he served as General Manager of Haces Ingeniería, S.A. It belongs to various associations related to the area of Quality, Radiation Safety and Welding. It addresses issues Solderability Testing and Materials testing and Quality Control using Statistical, carries out failure analysis, quality audits, qualification of welding procedures and Inspection of Welds.

Is responsible of the Radiological Security on the National Comision of Nuclear Safety and Safeguards.

For the Ministry of Communications and Transportation served as Resident of Construction of the Bridge Tampico, since its inception in Churubusco workshops in Monterrey, NL, until the inauguration.

Resident Construction in the Integrated Metalic Industries in Santiago Tianguistenco, Estate of México, During construction of the Bridge Barranca del Cañón, on the Autopista del Sol: México - Acapulco.

Resident of Construction in Papaloapan Bridge,on the Autopista La Tinaja-Sayula, Ver., Puente Barranca del Cañón, on the Autopista del Sol, México-Acapulco, Puente Río Hondo, Paso Pascual, Obispo, in the field workshops in Cosamaloapan, Ver.; until the inauguration.

Resident of Construction in the nine bridges of Chaireles 1 to 9 of Libramiento of Heavy Traffic in Tampico, Tam.

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