100 years ago man discovered that X-rays, so called, by which time they knew they were not, the Lords Curie, who performed laboratory experiments. Now, we have many peaceful uses of nuclear energy use. One is the Industrial Radiography.

Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy, depending on their nature and wavelength, will be its ability to penetrate, eg alpha rays (?) Have little penetrating power and can be stopped by a sheet of paper. As the case of Chernobyl, Beta Rays (?) Penetrate the skin, thus the danger when the radioactive material is attached to this. The Gamma Rays (?), Penetrate several inches of dense materials like steel, so they are used in industry, together with the X-ray generating apparatus.

In industry, radioactive isotopes are used primarily for iridium-192 industrial radiography as spontaneously generate energy capable of making a radiograph in the steel with thicknesses from ½ "to 2 ½". Cobalt 60, but is also used for thicker thicknesses up to 12 "and becomes unwieldy in size and weight of additional equipment for its safe handling, so using other methods such as ultrasound. Cesium 137, is used more in equipment calibration and measuring its properties it has.

For us users of industrial radiography and the service providers to the industry is very important to radiation safety. In occupationally exposed personnel (POE) to the effects of radiation control, we regulate the National Energy Commission and Nuclear Safeguards and seeks also to protect the public from the harmful effects of radiation.

To effectively provide this service, we have portable X-rays and gamma rays, with Irido 192, 100 Ci, both mounted on mobile units, and equipped with radio communication to give a fast service 24 hours a day if required and power effectively monitor the work done.

The customer handed the radiographic film of type 2, which is most commonly used, along with a report that contains the interpretation according to the Code with which we are called to work.

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