This inspection method is based on the principle of capillary action, and that can detect surface discontinuities open to almost any surface. But it will be difficult to use on rough surfaces, but rather on smooth surfaces and clean. It is very helpful for visual inspection, as it provides a way to interpret the results with high contrast, to distinguish the discontinuities of brilliant color against a background which is usually white.

The inspection procedure first requires the surface to be inspected is made a pre-cleaning, so to do it, you have a first assessment of the solder applied. After completing the cleanup implementing pervasive, usually bright red and penetrates well into all surface imperfections that need. After some time, about 5 minutes depending on the piercing and the ambient temperature or item inspected, we proceed to clear excess piercing, using a clean cloth that leaves no residue or by applying an emulsion on the cloth to remove excess penetrant, may be solvent or other emulsion.

By removing the excess penetrant is on the surface, one is left on the part under inspection, penetrating the capillary effect, took the hollows of the discontinuities. Then we proceed to apply the developer, which is basically a dye, usually white and has the particularity to absorb and make up the surface, the sharp discontinuities that is open to the surface. Then proceed to the final assessment piece of solder or inspected.

As you can understand is very simple and easy to use, does not require extensive training. The energy sources are used only if there is insufficient light or ultraviolet light is required to be phosphorescent. This method is very portable and have the results quickly.

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